Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lesson 6. Invest, Enlighten: Bedroom Chandelier Project

As I am writing this I recognize the familiar sound of hammering coming from our bay window in the next room. That can mean only one thing. Howard is here. Howard is a good handyman and a very wonderful person. His involvement with this house predates us by at least a decade, so we keep him around for repair projects that I can't or don't want to do. Unfortunately, Howard is hard to get these days. He is busy with a bit of legal trouble (someone else's fault, not his). When he does manage to make it over to our house, I always make sure to lend a sympathetic ear.

Ceiling fan in our bedroom. Ick.

I thought these (and their ilk) were a little bit small for the
price, and the chandelier itself didn't look amazing, so
I'm making something similar out of materials I like better.

Today I am hoping I can co-opt dear Howard to help me with something. Our bedroom has a really boring white ceiling fan and I've wanted to change it for months now, especially since I spruced up the master bath. I found a really neat chandelier with a black shade which piqued my interest, but I thought, hey, why not use the idea and upgrade. So I ordered a nicer, larger chandelier and a really cool shade to fit it. The chandelier came a week ago and has been sitting in the foyer in a box ever since. According to the UPS tracking site, the shade is finally going to come today so maybe, maybe, maybe I can get Howard to help me hang it today. It's simple enough to change a light fixture, but this one is really heavy and I'd be working at a height of 5 feet off the ground instead of just 2 like I was in the bathroom and closet. Time to call in the pros.

Chandelier from Really an
extremely nice piece. About 16.5" wide.
$190 after coupon.

This is the shade I chose. 18.5" in diameter, from the Thomasville Noir collection, also co-branded under Progressive Lighting's label. Available at among other places. About $63.

Back now. Bad news. Howard left without so much as saying hello, so I didn't get a chance to ask him to help me with the chandelier. I guess it doesn't matter because the shade still isn't here yet. And my trainer just called to cancel so now I have nothing to do this afternoon. Except for maybe the million things that I need to finish doing. Time for a preview:

Option 1:
I've been working on the kitchen. Added a few letterpress paper panels and made some curtains. I need to hem the curtains and re-hang them. I also need to paint the crown moulding in the kitchen. Kind of hoping Mr. Delta will do that though.

Option 2:
I ordered some silk to make curtains for the living room and dining room. I could go ahead and seam the silk although the lining fabric hasn't come yet.

Option 3:
Bathe kitten. I have a 3 month old kitten and he is absolutely covered in paint and sheetrock dust from all of my projects. He is currently trying to drink water out of my hair (just got out of the shower). 

Option 4:
Go to gym and exercise anyhow. Yuck!

Option 4.1
Go downstairs and exercise on my elliptical. Yuck.

Option 5
Buy curtain rods and other supplies I need for the curtains.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh. and Option 6:

I almost forgot. One of my more "plugged-in" girl-lawyer friends has informed me that there is some sort of big party for L.A.W. which is a women's lawyer association. It's in 2 hours. Not sure how exactly I would field the inevitable preliminary post-introduction question. "So where are you working?" Might be a little dicey.

So I didn't end up going to the law party. The shade came at about 4:30 and I had to spend a few minutes marveling at it, of course. After that, I went into the bedroom and decided I would try to take down the ceiling fan, which was irritating and complicated, but luckily Mr. Delta came home right as I got it disconnected so he was able to help me get it down. Since I had his attention, I went ahead and got him to help me put up the chandelier. Not too bad, but getting the shade to fit right was another story. Mr. Delta had to take the Dremel after the steel connector on the shade because it wouldn't fit over the ring that connected the chandelier to the chain. But shortly thereafter we managed to get it installed. I picked up one of those decorative ceiling medallions at Southeastern Salvage the other day ($14.00). I think it adds. 


I couldn't get an illuminated photo on my iphone, so you'll have to use your imagination. Suffice it to say, its very sparkly. Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with the bedroom decorating wise. I think I'm going to add a piece of chair rail below the crown molding to add some width like I did in the living and dining rooms. It might also be nice to make a little trim frame on the ceiling to outline the medallion. I am seriously struggling with what color to paint the room. I've tried about 5 samples at this point and no luck. Maybe I'll just go with an ivory. It's kind of an unfortunate raincoat tan right now. I'm also tossing around the idea of refinishing our furniture from the current cherry color to more of an espresso tone. But I think that is a way off in the future project.

Curtains tomorrow?

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